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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Everyone is giving away something.

Packet8 Broadband Phone is now offering Free Equipment and Free Activation so the total start up cost is now only 19.95 which is simply the fist months billing.
iConnectHere VoIP Service by Delta3 is now offering free shipping to ANYWHERE in the world so that is great for folks, well, just about anywhere.
Broadband Phone Services list of insider VoIP Articles contines to grow and expand with the latest one The Best VoIP Phone Companies Offer Unlimited Calling and Features giving a great breakdown of Lingo, Packet8 and SunRocket.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just Published another Article

Well I just had another of my articles published at Broadband Phone Services called
Here are the first two paragraphs, you can read the whole article by just clicking the link above.
The Best VoIP Phone Companies today are offering far more then unlimited calling for under 20 bucks.  They are also including features that you have to dig deep into your wallet to acquire from conventional land line providers along with impressive perks in their quest to acquire their share of customers as more and more consumers move part or all of their calling over to IP Services.  In a recent review we found a few incentives and feature packages that may be of particular interest to those looking to find who the best VoIP Phone Companies really are.

First on our list is the relative new comer SunRocket which is currently the second fastest growing VoIP Provider behind only Vonage with good reason.  Not only does SunRocket include almost every single advanced calling feature available today they are also offering a few great perks.  Fist for clients that will pay for a full year of service up front they offer a substantial discount at $199.00 annually.  That comes out to only 17 dollars and change a month with is about the lowest rate for unlimited US calling available anywhere today.  Also at the time of this writing they are giving all new clients a free Uniden Multi Handset Cordless Phone with is great for VoIP on Multiple Phones with one connection.

Hope you enjoy it,

Tom Downs

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some Cool Stuff to check Out

Been bouncing around finding all types of stuff to check out and play with. 
If you are still in the land line world but want to get Discount Long Distance is a great tool to check rates from a bunch of providers at one time.
I have been working hard to track down a good Dallas Web Site Optimization Firm and have found a few and think I have to say DFW Based MasterLink is probally the best top ranking web design company I can find.  They certainly have a staff of real experts and even offer free SEO Seminars if you happen to live close to DFW.
VoIP Hunt Continues to roll out new resources the most recent is a City Specific Search for 600 Texas Cities for VoIP and Cell Phone Services.  Right now it is just a list but I am sure the project is on the way to make it as functional as all their other tools. 
Broadband Phone Services has brought back Lingo Broad Band Phone into their good graces so visitors can once again get Free Calling to Western Europe.
That's all for now I will see what else I can manage to dig up

Cool Dallas SEO Firm

Came across a new Dallas Based Website Optimization Firm.  They seem to be pretty established going back to 1995 with a pretty impressive client base.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Microsoft Gets Into the VoIP Wold with a Bang!

Bang?  Well via buy out as per usual I just got this from Fierce VoIP,


Microsoft acquires VoIP developer

Microsoft said it has acquired, a 23-employee Zurich-based company that develops VoIP business applications. The software giant says it plans to incorporate Media-Streams' technologies into its corporate IM platform, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server (LCS) and its Office productivity tools. Media-Streams' software is already integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The deal's financial terms were not disclosed. The move follows Microsoft's acquisition of VoIP startup Teleo this summer. Microsoft is incorporating Teleo's technology into its consumer IM service, MSN Messenger. The company's latest purchase will help it add VoIP to the Office Live platform, which already supports real-time communications via IM.

For more on Microsoft's VoIP strategy:
- read this CNET
- and this InformationWeek article


I personaly think this is another example of these boys showing they have more money then brains.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Good Cell Phone Resource

Those looking for a good cell phone plan based on where they live should check out this State Based Cell Phone Search.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Great Cell Phone Site

This looks like a great cell phone site with offers from the big providers for each state.

Cell Phone Offers by State



Saturday, August 20, 2005

Internet Access From the Road

If you need to get on the net when you’re on the road this page offers Remote Internet Access from just about any place you could ever get to.  It is dial up but hey it is a lot better then no connection or dare I say AOL

Another Cool Article

Unlimited Broadband Phone Service Options - Who's the Best? – You may want to give this one a read.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Packet8 Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2006 Results

Packet8 revenues are up for the sixth consecutive quarter and are at their highest quarterly level since 2000," said Bryan R. Martin, 8x8's Chairman & CEO. "We have seen significant growth in all areas of our business, particularly the Packet8 VideoPhone and Virtual Office services, both of which offer unique and compelling price and feature advantages for residential and small business customers. We are maintaining our focus on providing the best possible voice and video communication services to our base of loyal Packet8 subscribers, and believe that the growth of this customer base depends on the continued provision of unique, differentiated services and IP applications, attractive customer value propositions and outstanding customer support."


Read the entire Press Release

Internet phone 911 rule contested

A company that provides Internet phone services for businesses has filed a lawsuit to challenge the Federal Communications Commission's looming deadline to provide emergency 911 service.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out.


Internet Phone Services Lawsuit

Very Good Article

I just read a great article called Internet Phone Broad Band Phone Service is Reaching More Users - By Mark Thompson, Staff Writer at Broadband Phone Services dot Com.  You may want to give it a read.


Universities testing wVoIP service

The VeriSign Wireless IP Connect Service provides a single, cellular-WiFi interconnection point that resolves interoperability issues within disparate networks and facilitates the delivery of end-to-end, next-generation features. The service allows cellular handsets to register as Internet Protocol devices when near a WiFi signal, giving users the ability to make and receive VoIP calls. By extending existing VoIP networks for use with mobile devices, universities can create a single network capable of handling an increasing amount of voice and data traffic.

To learn more about the universities' wVoIP trial:  read this VeriSign press release

This is pretty cool and the first real press I have seen on real progress for wVoIP Service.




Cool Set of Industry Articles and More

Broad Band Articles
Well today I would like to point out a great resource of Broadband Phone Articles by a great group of industry insiders. You will note that I have one or two listed there.

VoIP Blog Directory
Do you have a blog about VoIP, Broadband Phone or just about anything in the Telecommunictions Industry that at least touches on VoIP. If so you may want to check out this list of Technology Blogs at Broadband Phone Services. If you will just give them a link on your Blog they will list you on this growing resource. This is really a link exchange in disguise. Their home page has a PR of a 4 already so in a little time it will definitely help you get more exposure and push the PR of your blog of course you can then use that to push the PR of you web sites.

Broadband Wireless Internet
Wireless broadband access usage continues to grow and emerging technologies and lower costs will make broadband wireless internet networks ubiquitous in the near future. FierceWiFi focuses on technologies such as WiFi, WLANs, Bluetooth, 3G wireless, and voice over frequency division multiplexing (VOFDM) which will make broadband wireless internet cheaper, more scalable, more reliable, and more secure.

You can get a great News Letter about this stuff here.
I will see what else I can dig up later today,

Tom Downs

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Broadband Phone Stuff and More

Well my buddy Jerry also set up a blog on Broadband Phone Stuff as he calls hit. Be sure to visit him he is a good guy.

Broadband Phone Stuff and More

Also if you want about the best over view I have ever seen on Broadband Phone Services. Read This Report on Broadband Phone Services. I have yet to find any report that breaks it down this easy and concise.

Yours truely also just had an article published called VoIP Providers Offer Broad Phone Service Options Kind of nice to see your work published on another person's site.

Well I best get back to work till later ya'll have a great day,

Tom Downs

First Post testing the system

This is my first post to this blog right now I am just getting it set up. In the future I hope to post a lot of great information about broadband phone services.